Brian Batty – Founder/CEO
Twitter: @battysmalls
Bio: The brainchild behind the Are We Recording Blog.  Host of the Are We Recording Podcast. PHD in Hoopanomics from the University of The Driveways of Chicago’s Southside Suburbs.

Ryan Griffin – Staff Writer/New father
Twitter: @NolaGumbeaux41
Bio: Proud new father of a baby boy. Named him AreWeRecording because that’s how dedicated he is

Levi Valentine – Staff Writer/Fantasy Sports Guru
Twitter: @Levi_Valentine
Bio: Nomadic Husker fan currently in Hawkeye territory. Lives vicariously through his fantasy sports teams.

Dennis Broussard – Staff Writer/Cranky Old Man
Twitter: Lol old people are way too old for Twitter
Bio: Representing New Orleans and everything gumbo in ways you could only imagine. Lives Mardi Gras every day.

Paul Madison – Exclusive Contributor
Twitter: @RealPaulMadison
Bio: Left coast lover of all things sports and chill.

Edju Martin – Staff Writer/Resident Meathead
Twitter: Lol old people are still way too old for Twitter
Bio: The old man of AWR. Edju has a 15 year old son and enjoys raquetball, hosting trivia night at his second job, and bringing New England sensibility to AWR. Lover of all sports, there’s no telling what he’s going to write about next.

Tyler Buchanan – Exclusive Contributor/One of few writers with actual talent
Twitter: @Tylerjoelb
Bio: Recruited by Brian Batty after seeing one of his articles, a very welcome addition to the team. – – Reporter for The Athens Messenger


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