De la Promesse, de Ruiner

In Arsène We Trust? Probably not anymore.

Back in November, Arsenal were running away with the Premier League. Between losses to open the season at Aston Villa and away to Manchester United, Arsenal acquired attacking midfielder Mesut Özil from Real Madrid for a club record fee of £42.5 million (reversing a troubling trend of giving away top talent instead of buying it), and accumulating 25 of a possible max of 27. The only hiccup was an away draw to West Bromwhich Albion. Arsenal led the table, defeating Liverpool in the process, and were playing some of their best football under Wenger since 2010/11, when Arsenal’s vaunted youth were becoming men. Such players as Cesc Fabregas, Alex Song, Samir Nasri and Robin van Persie were combining to play sublime footy and stretching teams to their maximum all across the pitch. This team, featuring Jack Wilshire, Aaron Ramsey, Oliver Giroud and Mesut Özil, were showing what Arsenal were capable of again. Continue Reading

Liverpool Are Approaching Squeaky Bum Time

Sir Alex Ferguson invented this term. Literally, it is the sound your butt makes as you anxiously watch the final stages of a competition. As the end is nearing, your club is doing well, but there is that feeling of anxiety in the back of your mind that at any moment, things can go wrong. This makes us squirm in our seats while we watch, helplessly, as our gladiators do battle on the pitch. All our hopes and dreams are in front of us, but the opposition will not go quietly in the night. So we squirm. Continue Reading

Love Him or Leave Him, He is Wayne Rooney

He’s brash.

He’s talented.

He’s English.

He’s Wayne Rooney, and he doesn’t give a damn what you think anymore. Continue Reading


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