Podcast Contributors

Brian Batty – Founder/CEO

The brainchild behind the Are We Recording Blog.  Host of the Are We Recording Podcast. PHD in Hoopanomics from the University of The Driveways of Chicago’s Southside Suburbs.
Twitter: @battysmalls

Bradley Fuson – Custodian/Bodyguard/Board of Directors member/Writing Staff

Representing the Midbest. In Stanzi We Trust.
Twitter: @BhyphenRad

Ryan Bronson – Tim Miles Fanclub Founder

Did you know Nebraska had a basketball team?  Well you probably aren’t alone.  Ryan is diligently working to change the dearth of knowledge into Husker basketball that currently afflicts this country.
Twitter: @rybronson

Josh Randall – Da Bes

I go to Jacob with 25 thou, you go with 25 hundred, wow
I got 11 plaques on my walls right now, you got your first gold single
Damn *****, wow.
Twitter: @joshTYrandall

Christopher Burgess – Token West Coast Guy/Board of Directors Member

Is fairly certain that, unlike Nebraska, Oregon does not in fact have a basketball team.  Also really bad at picking who is gonna win what game when it comes to basketball, so the tourney preview show should go swimmingly.
Twitter: @chrisburgess87

Chris Keohane – New Chris On The Block

The only Colorado Buffalo fan roaming the mean streets of Boston.
Twitter: @Keohane15


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