I’m Not Sayin This Looks Fishy, but I’m Just Sayin

I’m going to describe to you a person that you know very well. I’m not going to say his name, because that would be reckless, and by no means am I going to continue making any reckless accusations in the column (I would also never be sarcastic either(ever)). Tell if you smell the same thing Afro Man smelled at the beginning of Colt 45…..Continue Reading


NBA Contender Roulette: Why They Will, Why They Won’t

We’re just about halfway through what has been the most exciting and unpredictable NBA season I can ever remember. You could talk me into at least 13 different teams winning the championship, at only a handful of them you’d need to get me liquored up first…..Continue Reading


Mo Williams and the Strangest Members of the 50 Point Club

Mo Williams is quite potentially one of the worst basketball players on the planet…..Continue Reading


Sorting Out The NBA’s Western Conference Arms Race

The bomb shelter’s are being stocked. The prayers for safety are being amen-ed. The hatches are being battened down. Such is life when you are preparing for an 8 team, interstellar space war…Continue Reading


NBA Power Rankings: End Of The 1st Quarter

30) 76ers – I’ve watched almost 25 minutes of actual game time the 76ers have played this year. That was 25 minutes too many. My New Years Resolution for 2015 is to not watch a single second of 76er basketball. I feel like that will lead to a healthier me and a happier Brian for the coming year. I declare this, THE YEAR OF BRIAN!….Continue reading…

Podcast Episode 24: 1st Quarter of the NBA Season

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