A Live Blog From a Couch in St Louis of Duke/Syracuse II

Brian Batty watches the rematch of the best game of the year so far, Syracuse @ Duke, while eating cheesy bread and drinking Dr. Pepper from his couch. Here’s what transpired…


Pregame – Wow pretty surprising this is the first time Cuse has ever played at Cameron Indoor.


First Half

19:01 Anybody want to grab a defensive rebound or no?

18:00 Christmas absolutely doesn’t want another foul; Duke should probably just go middle middle middle until something breaks either way.

17:41 Every time a Plumlee brother scores a basket, an angel gets its wings

16:39 Every time someone scores on a Plumlee brother, nothing happens at all because you don’t reward common occurrences

16:16 This just in, three more Plumlee brothers just committed to Duke.

15:40 Both teams want this one bad, this one will come down to whoever makes the tougher shots probably. And since Plumlee plays for Duke, I’ll take them


15:01 What they couldn’t just call the 300 sequel 301? (First of many awful jokes, buckle up folks)


14:26 This has an Elite 8 game feel to it. Playoff atmosphere everywhere. Players, crowd, coaches. Everyone’s really locked in so far. Who bends first?

13:31 That was one of the worse calls I’ve seen in a long time. For players being bigger faster and stronger than they ever have been they sure get protected like they’re made out of glass


11:01 I feel like Cameron isn’t that tough of an atmosphere to play in because basketball players are inherently cooler than the thousands of “loud” fans who probably all brought calculators to the game. It’s got that stale loudness to it, like even the fans know they aren’t really that intimidating

10:41 Every time I see a team play against a 2-3 zone they never know how to attack it right and it drives me nuts. Coach K is the only one I’ve seen who consistently has gotten the ball to the top of the key and attacked from there. But Coach K is also like the best coach besides Phil Jackson ever so, that’s probably why


7:58 Everyone should just try and dunk on everyone. Layups? Hook Shots? You aren’t getting any co-ed snatch with a drop step and a lefty hook.

7:58 Yeah I’m definitely not stopping to go see Non-Stop…………….yeah I’m ok with that one

6:33 Awwww Jabari, that “goatee” is so cute. Keep it up kiddo ya look great

5:51 Time-out Duke. 23-16 Syracuse. Cuse looks much stronger inside. Jabari looks scared of something. Maybe he’s got some weird fear of the color Orange. Or he’s allergic to oranges or something.

4:56 Only took 15 minutes of game time for Duke to go up strong underneath. The over under was 8:30. I just lost 15 bucks. THANKS PLUMLEE

4:00 Good God those close out rotations on the perimeter by Syracuse are so fast and under control.

3:32 After having lobster tails in Atlantic City I doubt I could ever eat a lobster tail from Red Lobster. Don’t come at me like that Red Lobster; we all know your intentions

2:10 Jay Bilas is easily the best analyst of any sport that ESPN has. You could combine the brains of every NFL Live “expert” they have and it wouldn’t be half of a Jay Bilas brain.


1:01 Nice little run here by Duke to tie it up. The only points they seem to be getting are from transition baskets.

1:01 SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS….shut up Duke fans, just shut up

:30 Duke I promise you’re allowed to grab the basketball after the other team misses. I might need to go re-check the original twelve rules of basketball, but I’m almost positive you can do that


Halftime: Tie game, let me gather myself a little bit. I’m still kind of thirsty considering I ran out of Dr. Pepper 35 seconds into doing this. Some stats that are jumping out at me right now…13 offensive rebounds for Syracuse. Not surprising at all considering PLUMLEEEEE is doing his best attempt to “rebound” tonight. I don’t even remember what this PLUMLEEEEEE’s first name is and honestly I don’t really want to know. It’s more fun that way. Turnover battle is basically even at 6 to 7, but Duke has been scoring off of theirs. If they could just grab a rebound or two they could really start pulling away. But there’s no way Syracuse shoots only 28 percent again either so who knows. Should be a fun second half.

Yes, that is better

I couldn’t be any more in love with the red head that makes her little lame jokes in the Wendy’s commercials. Like she would probably be watching this game with me. She seems like a basketball fan for no reason at all besides me wanting her to be

Halftime: ESPN has gotten really terrible at picking music to play during their highlights. Like all around the board. Girl pop music absolutely does not get me excited for basketball.

Second Half

19:40 So nobody told anybody on Cuse that Rodney Hood was going to pump fake it when he catches it in the middle. Let’s count how many times he does that exact move from here on out

18:31 I keep trying to make a Christmas joke but literally nothing is coming to me. It’s so easy that it’s hard. I’ll get back to you all on that

17:01 Way to protect that rim Plumlee.

16:27 Hood pump-fake counter: 5

16:20 Rakeem Christmas gets fouls under his tree every year…nope that wasn’t any good. I’ll get one I know I will

15:45 Ennis gets superstar calls? He’s like 15 years old how is that possible.

15:45 I wonder if Lebron finally got up off the floor in OKC? You think he’ll play against the Bulls tomorrow? Or does baby Bron Bron still have a boo boo? I’m sure ESPN will be all over it so we probably won’t have to wonder for very long. “BREAKING NEWS: Lebron’s boo boo is all better. He got a Flinstones band-aid and a lolli-pop at the doctor’s office”

15:36 BREAKING: Another Plumlee brother was just born and has officially committed to Duke

15:36 Seriously? An arm wrestling reality show? How entertaining could that honestly be? Isn’t one Sylvester Stallone movie enough?

12:51 Jabari woke up a little bit. Those 3’s falling helped a lot

12:51 Christmas and Keita both with 4 fouls is no bueno for Cuse right now. Duke needs to just go at the basket hard every time. They’re going to have to give them easier looks out of desperation.

11:49 Hey a Tyler Ennis sighting! Remember when everybody lost their collective minds for a second and thought he was the best freshman in the country?

11:13 Finally the tensions breaking a little and these players are starting to get a little feisty with each other. I expected this a lot earlier, but then again you know Coach K and Boeheim ain’t havin any of that noise. Also I don’t think I’ve ever typed out Boeheim’s name before and it is really strange to spell

9:56 CJ Fair is going to have to do a lot more than he’s been doing down the stretch here if Cuse is going to have any chance.

9:22 Absolutely zero inside presence for Cuse right now with all of these fouls. It’s like they have a Plumlee brother playing the middle of the zone (nailed it)

8:55 Good God could these Duke fans be any lamer? They just did a collective BRITNEY BITCH cheer. That is super cool of them

7:37 Well Syracuse if you’re not going to score you should probably get stops. You can’t do neither of those things. #Basketballlogic

6:55 Hood pump-fake counter: 6

4:49 Remember when everyone lost their collective minds for a second and thought Tyler Ennis was the best freshman in the country? Oh I already said that? I just still can’t believe it, moving on.

4:02 “Hey Brian, shut up, you’re an idiot” – Tyler Ennis. Yeah I know, you’re right Tyler my bad

2:36 Duke up four, but it seems like so much more than that

1:23 Jabari Parker is good at basketball. Jabari Parker is not good at growing facial hair.

And they say Chi City

:52 Jabari learned to rebound like that in Chicago. #BangBang #Chiraq

:23 Missed.Free.Throws.Don’t.Make.Me.Call.D.Rose.Boy

:10 Don’t you just LOVE when the refs become a part of the game? Other than injuries nothing pisses me off more in sports than the refs deciding games. I’ll expound that point a little more another time. What a terrible way to end this game

:05 Jay Bilas does usual Jay Bilas things and drops hardcore knowledge. Duke’s defense down the stretch really was the difference here. Well besides the refs deciding the game for the players

Final Score: Duke 66 Syracuse 60. Honestly this was probably better for Syracuse. I’m of the school of thought that losing a big regular season game like this can really help a team come Tourney time. Now Cuse learned a lesson on what losing against great teams looks like.

Let’s hope these teams play each other again in the ACC Tournament. Both of these games have been a lot of fun.


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