Straight Outta Compton Trailer Reactions

Straight Outta Compton

As a white kid from a middle-class suburban neighborhood, most of the things shouted through my speakers during a listening session of Straight Outta Compton had nothing to do with me. It wasn’t me they were speaking to on a level outside of “I’m listening to the words you’re saying to me O’Shea Jackson”.

But yet again, it resonated. It resonated with me because of the music. I wasn’t even born yet when Straight Outta Compton came out, and I definitely wasn’t allowed to listen to it. But like any child who’s told not to do something, I did it anyway.

And man, was my head spinning

We’ve all heard the songs before, we all have our own experiences and interpretations of the phenomena. But when I heard that there was an NWA biopic in the works, I truly didn’t believe it was going to happen.

An internet rumor is a fart. It shows up, smells kinda weird, then goes away and you never hear from it again. Then the director from Friday signed on, then they got a cast, and now look at us; watching the trailer.

Some quick thoughts:

-All of that L.A. Raiders gear might be a little more relevant sooner than we all thought.

-It never really hit me until I watched this trailer, my wardrobe is exactly the same as theirs was. Black hats, black shirts, black jackets, no fluff, no frills. Russell Westbrook’s head would explode.

-Can Jheri Curls please be a thing again?

-I wish we lived in a world where rap music with meaning was relevant to the pop culture zeitgeist, but instead we have…

-I’m not going to lie, when I first watched this trailer this morning, and saw the fictional Ice Cube, middle finger in the air, talk about music they couldn’t play then says “Yo Dre, I got somethin to say”, the crowd chants “FUCK THE POLICE”, then one of dopest beat drops in the history of beat drops hits, I turned into a 7 year old watching his favorite wrestler walk out to the ring. I damn near broke my lap-top.

-Eazy-E was definitely just carrying a gigantic rifle that he stole from a Grand Theft Auto. What? Why? What? When does this movie come out?


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