8 Things I Think about 8 NBA Playoff Games

1- The NBA Playoffs are a crazy game. Here’s what people don’t really realize about it, you play 82 games of basketball to get to this point and then you pretty much play an entirely different game once you get here. A friend of mine had a great quote last night in the group text I have with my buddies back home while we were watching the Bulls/Wizards game. “In the playoffs you have to have something called ‘that dude’ to get you baskets when the defense locks in”. That’s about as simple as you can make it about the NBA playoffs. I took it one step further that once you get to the conference finals you need two of those dudes. Ask the 2011 Bulls about that one. The 2014 Bulls absolutely do not have “that dude” or any dudes for that matter. They protect the rim at an elite level, and they’re definitely going to play harder than you every night, but man oh man is it a struggle to watch them try and put the orange ball into the red circle ten feet off the ground. Just call Chicago ‘Struggle City’ in the last five minutes of the rest of these playoff games. Stay tuned, this series might be shorter than a lot of people thought. Continue Reading


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