NCAA Tournament Preview Part Two: South and Midwest

Brian Batty breaks down the final two regions of the NCAA Tournament. You can find part one here.

South Region

Joel Embiid’s back is probably the most important body part in the entire tournament. With a healthy Embiid, Kansas has the most talented end of game five guys of any team. But I’m just going to assume Embiid isn’t going to be around, because let’s face it, a back injury for a big man is about as debilitating an injury as possible. Even if he comes back, who knows how effective he will be. But here’s my thing with Kansas, Andrew Wiggins came into his freshman season with more hype than any 18 year old basketball player I can remember not named Lebron. Anyone who gets a Michael Jordan based nick name (Maple Jordan) must have something going for him. He hasn’t necessarily lit the world on fire like he was “supposed to” but he’s had an otherwise great year. This is his moment and he knows it. If he has a great 6 game run right now, he’s the number one pick. Dating back to high school, Wiggins has always played best when he has something to prove. This is his time, Wiggins is about to have a Carmelo in ’03 type tournament run. Continue Reading


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