Making a more interesting NBA

Let’s get this out of the way right now:

I don’t watch the NBA regular season, or even really the first round of the playoffs.

Among the many reasons I don’t find it very interesting, is because the league is so top heavy. The good teams are head and shoulders above the rest, and the bottom 10 teams are tanking simply to have the opportunity through the lottery to grab the #1 draft spot. It’s a terrible sight, half the league trying to play well to get into the playoffs, and half trying to play so badly they can get the worst record. This typically doesn’t happen in other sports, and even when it does, in a much smaller number. Football players, from what I have seen, don’t give up and organizations don’t give up. Even the eventual 0-16 Detroit Lions fought like mad to win a game. The Colts, who ended up getting the #1 pick and Andrew Luck, almost played their way out of that spot because their organization and players were too proud to give up. In baseball, while bad teams exist on a year-to-year basis, they rarely try to tank on purpose. The MLB draft, while there to redistribute the talent, doesn’t work the same as other leagues because of the length of time it sometimes takes for top players to rise the minor league ranks to the MLB. Rarely does a player go from college, to MLB in the span of one year.

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